The Bagel House

Since 1999, The Bagel House has been bringing authentic Montreal-style bagels to Torontonians. Stop by when you’re in the mood for great bagels, lox, cream cheese, and other great deli food. Bagels aren’t just for breakfast anymore. With the right fillings, they make the humble sandwich seem like a gourmet brunch or lunch.

Our bagels are made using locally sourced simple ingredients — water, flour, sugar, eggs, and no-oil shortening. They are hand-rolled and boiled in honey-water to provide a crunchy-sweet exterior and baked in a wood oven fuelled by maple. Enjoy a selection of classic sesame, plain and poppy seed, or choose from many of the other specialty flavoured bagels.

Everything on the menu is fresh and hand-crafted to perfection.



Location & Contact

2572 Yonge Street
(416) 481-2572

Local Map

2572 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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