MBody Physiotherapy

MBody Physiotherapy was founded in 2017 by Sarah Marshall and Lucy Li, two physiotherapists who share the same philosophy in rehabilitation —  Physiotherapy is a profession that is always evolving, but the fundamentals don’t change: we need to know you to rehabilitate you. Sarah and Lucy designed a clinic that is spacious, welcoming and respectful to everyone.

All our therapists take the time to listen, understand, and prioritize your goals. We offer individualized care that empowers movement, rehabilitates with a focus on prevention and educates towards active and injury-free lifestyles.

Our clinic is 1900 sq feet, offers 6 private treatment rooms, an equipped studio for exercises and pilates training.

Services include: Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Private Pilates, Custom Orthotics, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Sports Taping, and Orthopedic Surgeon Consultations.

New patients welcome.

Location & Contact

2409, #201 Yonge Street
(416) 519-7097

Local Map

2409, #201 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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