La Bohème Café

Toronto and Paris are worlds apart, but that doesn’t stop our love affair with the French city’s pâtisseries.

The unassuming storefront of La Bohème Café gives away little of the surprises inside. The large café provides plenty of seating, while work from local artists adorns the walls and is frequently updated. The back patio is a hidden garden oasis, away from the traffic of Yonge Street.

Throughout the day, local faithfuls queue for the French-inspired menu. Croque-monsieur is smothered in cheese and has been named among the best in the city; quiches pair well with the salads for a quick lunch; desserts and pastries are almost mythically rich and light. Espresso based drinks are full and smooth (the beans are sourced from Pilot) and partner well with the food selection. There’s plenty to take home as well, with handmade chocolates and French pantry items available.

If food and drinks can bring Uptown Yonge closer to Paris, you’ll find us at La Bohème Café taking it all in.


Location & Contact

2481 Yonge Street
(416) 489-2233

Local Map

2481 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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