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North American Tax Services assists individuals with cross-border (U.S. and Canada) tax issues.  Such tax issues, may include both immigration and emigration to or from Canada or to or from the United States.  Additional tax concerns that the firm can address may include taxation (and/or tax reporting) of employment income, various forms of compensation, employment related benefits, and reporting of investment income (e.g. capital gains, property or rental income, etc.) in Canada and/or the United States.  In addition, to addressing Canadian and U.S. tax issues, we can deal with tax matters for all Canadian provinces (including Quebec) and in all states within the U.S.
Additionally, we provide: Tax Planning and Preparation, Estate Planning, Offshore and International Tax Planning, and Tax Educational Services.

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2510 Yonge Street suite 322a, Toronto, Ontario M4P 2H7, Canada

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