Ollie Quinn

Ollie Quinn is a motley crew of doers, thinkers, makers, and creators from across the globe that have come together to create something special: exceptional, in-house designed eyewear at an affordable price.

By side-stepping traditional optical sales methods, cutting prescription lenses locally, as well as working directly with manufacturers to remove the need for intermediaries and unnecessary mark-ups, Ollie Quinn is able to provide premium and creative design at an affordable price.

What else will you find at an Ollie Quinn boutique? A charismatic bunch of people who like to chat and do things together. Collaboration and community involvement is how they come up with the really good stuff, so it’s always worth a visit to the store.

Location & Contact

2509 Yonge Street
(647) 340-6659

Local Map

2509 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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