Matsu Jewellery

Small luxuries can bring great joy, especially in the hands of Matsu Jewellery’s talented goldsmiths.

Designer and goldsmith Jennifer Shigetomi excels in shaping silver, gold, and platinum into fluid, organic shapes that defy the traditional hard edges which usually defines metal. There’s also a well-curated selection of handmade jewellery from designers across Canada and the U.S. that embody the uniqueness that long-time Matsu customers have come to appreciate. Custom work is always available, but nearly any piece virtually guarantees uniqueness, owing to their handmade design.

The store’s old-world charm compliments the contemporary jewellery: located on Castlefield Avenue and away from Yonge Street traffic, the red brick building still retains its charming leadlight windows, tin ceiling and creaking wood floors.

The Find: The “Nailhead” ring, a wide, oxidized silver sterling ring with a hammered texture that could find its place in Game of Thrones, but is firmly rooted in the 21st century (about $200).

Location & Contact

9 Castlefield Avenue
(416) 487-6345

Local Map

9 Castlefield Avenue, Toronto, ON CANADA

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