Kiva’s Bagels

Bagels have been central to Kiva’s since 1979, when the store opened at the edge of (then) North York. It took 34 years for Kiva’s to open their third location, a small but bustling location in Uptown Yonge.

Kiva’s will tell you that everything takes time. Based on a time-honoured recipe, their New York-style bagels take over 12 hours to make, each one hand rolled and kettle boiled before being fired in the ovens. It’s their respect for tradition that produces a bagel with a dense, chewy centre and a thin, crispy crust that makes its case for “best bagel in Toronto”. Additional varieties add to the choice: Twisters take on a braided appearance and make for a larger bagel; flat bagels are shaped just like they sound, and baked on both sides for an extra crispy crust.

Kiva’s take-out counter prepares fresh breakfast, lunch, and light dinner, and includes the classics: bagels can be accompanied by cream cheese and lox, tuna, meats, and cheeses, and salads are tossed fresh with house-made dressings. Combos of a half dozen or more bagels with generous sides are perfect for taking home. The bakery produces tasty treats daily, including danishes still made with real cottage cheese.

While there’s no seating in the small space, take-out options are easy to eat (and St. Clements-Yonge Parkette is just a block north). Fans of Kiva’s will be pleased with the new location, and will know that it was definitely worth the wait.

Location & Contact

2496 Yonge Street
(416) 488-4000

Local Map

2496 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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