Elantur Style

In 2017, Elantur, was born in Istanbul and officially a business in 2018. CEO,Gazal has experience working as a marketer and stylist with well-known fashion designers in Turkey. In 2020, she moved to Toronto and reestablished Elantur.

Elantur have clothes for the everyday woman; the busy mom who doesn’t have time to put together a fashionable and functional outfit; the fresh out of college student wants to start dressing for her future career, but has no idea where to start; the woman who wants to walk with confidence, both in herself and in her look; and everyone in between. We all have busy lives, families, daily expenses, and don’t always have the time to plan a fashionable outfit or go shopping for one. That’s why Elantur is here. We work hard to make you look fashionable without stress and with your lifestyle and budget in mind.

Location & Contact

2780 Yonge Street
(416) 322-7772

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2780 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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