Summer’s Best Fruits and Flowers

North Toronto residents make Summer’s Best Fruits and Flowers a regular stop for fresh produce and cut flowers. There aren’t any other greengrocers for several blocks, but foodies come here for the best of local and international harvests, along with dazzling cut flowers and plants.

In warmer months, the store overflows with everything Ontario offers: berries, peaches, and corn are unmatched in freshness and taste. Winter months may see produce from warmer climes than ours, but the quality is top-notch. Near the front, flowers put on a impressive show of colour, and are well priced.

There’s a small dairy section near the back along with grocery basics, but the specialty items are worth discovering: ACE Bakery bread is delivered fresh daily, along with locally produced baked goods; the selection of Asian sauces inspires; spreads from Greaves, Kicking Horse coffee, and Raincoast crisps are chic and easy grabs for entertaining.

Summer’s Best Fruits and Flowers is ideal for weekday runs to grab a few items, but with a butcher and fishmonger just down the street, they can inspire weekend entertaining that Rachael Ray would approve.

Location & Contact

2563 Yonge Street
(416) 488-2932

Local Map

2563 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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