Sugar Miracles

Sugar Miracles is a boutique pâtisserie and café that brings together the elegance of French pastries and the goodness of real Italian espresso drinks. Its chic yet relaxing ambience has attracted many of the local residents and businesses, especially those who seek superior customer service they can get from a family-owned business.

Quality and uniqueness of their products are other reasons for their popularity among the locals. They use only real and high quality ingredients and make everything in their in-house kitchen freshly. Their individual or party size entremet (multi-layered mousse-based) cakes, macarons, exotic chocolates, eclairs, croissants, and sliced cakes are among their most popular products.

Their elegant and tasty pastries are complemented by the quality of coffee supplied by “illy”, a world famous Italian brand. “illy”’s singular and signature blend – a rich symphony of nine pure, sustainably grown 100% Arabica beans from four continents – delights millions of coffee lovers every day in 140 countries.

Location & Contact

2674 Yonge Street
(647) 350-2524

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2674 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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