Jerome’s Gentleman’s Apparel

A lot has come full circle at Jerome’s Gentleman’s Apparel. Over 32 years ago, Jerome Starr opened up shop in Uptown Yonge selling quality menswear to the area’s stylish, young professionals. Today, it’s Jerome’s son Michael who is in the store more often, along with a new generation of investment bankers, ad execs, and lawyers. Even trends have come around: elbow patches and corduroy are making reappearances after a few decades of dormancy.

The store’s original customers browse hard-working labels and classic (but not stodgy) lines and fabrics. The new generation cut their own style with less formal pieces and smaller, avant-garde designers. Michael honed his trendspotting abilities working for some of the biggest labels in the business; the collections in the store reflect that, with a well-edited selection of menswear that is heavy on bold European designers and modern classics.

Inside, the store’s dark-stained hardwood floors, carefully organized racks of jackets, and colour-sorted tie cubbies draw customers further in. A lounge area near the dressing rooms in the back features a big-screen TV, plush armchairs, and a selection of men’s fashion magazines – call it a “man cave” for the well-heeled.

But it’s not all country-club-members-only in here: indie-prep casual shirts pair equally well with a sports jacket or well-worn jeans; wool sweaters encourage outdoor play with the family; smart casual pants can be dressed up or down. Service caters to individual needs, helping to match style, size, and budget to each customer.

Regulars still come in for Jerome’s advice in assembling a look, and on most days he’s still there. But Michael hopes that the new generation will recognize the quality and service Jerome’s provides and become life-long customers, ready to pass their wisdom on to their own sons.

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2603 Yonge Street
(416) 489-2494

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2603 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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