Drake General Store

It’s been less than a decade since the Drake Hotel became the cultural epicentre along Queen West. It’s spawned off restaurants, pop-ups, retail, and now brings the Drake General Store north of Eglinton.

“General” is a bit of a misnomer—the concept is part hotel gift shop, part antiques, and part museum shop, but the execution is a little whimsy and a lot of quality. Canadiana is elevated to brag-worthy status: items like the CBC Radio Bag and Hudson’s Bay Company Beach Towel are instantly recognizable pieces of our history, while becoming embraced by a new generation of trendsetters. Douglas Coupland would be proud.

Curiosities abound, and products change quickly, but the Drake General Store can be counted on for the practical and impractical. In-house clothing label Shared is locally made with retro-inspired designs; foodies celebrate all the little things, like artfully-wrapped Mast Brothers chocolate bars from Brooklyn; an Apothecary section favours natural ingredients, including Juniper Ridge Trail Soaps made from organic plant trimmings; Grumpy Cat wrapping paper from Toronto-based Kid Icarus is the unlikely way to add a smile to the face of your grumpiest gift recipients.

The trademark purple neon cross that’s become synonymous with the Drake General Store is there when you walk in the store. Everything else about the store is familiar, but unique: the antique apothecary unit, retro signage, and reclaimed displays feel at home in their new neighbourhood.

If the Drake has a reputation of “being there first”, it’s certainly good timing given the number of developments in Uptown Yonge over the next decade. Look out as they move the cultural crossroads a little further north of Queen.

Location & Contact

2607 Yonge Street
(416) 966-0553

Local Map

2607 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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