Douce France

Enter Douce France, a Parisian boutique and café, you’ll be greeted warmly by the bilingual staff. They’ll take you through France by way of carefully curated collections of regional specialties, each with its own history and delight. It is ancestral know-how that makes Douce France an original to those who seek the artisanal jewels of French gastronomy. (For example: L. Voisin chocolates arrive to the store directly from a family-owned company in Lyon founded in 1897.) And yes, staff delight when children practice their French while discovering the magic of le chocolat chaud, authentic hot chocolate from La Maison Angelina, whose doors opened in Paris in 1903.

Following on the theme of quality — and under the direction of its founder, Christel C.Saba, a distinguished Craft Person of the Manche region, 1986 — Douce France features personalized chocolate boxes among other items that show own fondness for packaging (French, of course), including ribbon.

For those faced with the daunting task of a reception, banquet, wedding, or simply corporate gifting, all of what the store does is “camera ready”. Flavour profiles, centrepieces, and decorative containers all bear the hand of France-final touches, no exceptions.

And don’t be afraid to ask about the music: it may be Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour on the day you drop in.

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2471 Yonge Street
(647) 348-7661

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2471 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON CANADA

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